Basic Techniques

In a modern world there are a lot of videos demonstrating lots of techniques with many variations of those techniques. At Masakatsu we recommend you download Christian Tissier’s app as this clearly shows the techniques we expect to see in gradings. For clear demostrations of the weapons work we recommend searching for Saito Sensei as he spent many years with O Sensei and had one of the best understandings of his teachings. For the latest understanding of Aikido search for Doshu, grandson of O Sensei.

Some examples of tachi waza

Ai Hanmi Shomen Ikkyo Omote

Ai Hanmi Shomen Ikkyo Ura

Ai Hanmi Shomen Kotegaeshi

Katate Dori Uchi Kaiten Nage

Katate Dori Shiho Nage Ura

Shomen Uchi Irimi Nage